Bunettu de laete

de leate

The Ligurian Cuisine is characterised by the presence of various appetising desserts: today, we’ll introduce you to the Bunettu de laete.

The Bunettu de laete, that is the true milk pudding, is a classic dessert born in the town of Pietra Ligure. Very easy to prepare, it can be tasted with whipped cream, fruit of the season, sweet sauces of various kind. Its ingredients are: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla and jelly.

The recipe of the Bunettu de laete is made up of few and simple ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla and jelly.

First, you need to boil milk and sugar together, adding eggs and vanilla (to taste). To make solidification easier you can add leaves of jelly; then let if refrigerate for around 4 hours. The dessert is finally ready to be dressed and savoured.